The Festivals of Shaolin Temple

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Chinese Lunar Calendar
01st, Jan.
Birthday of Maitreya Buddha
06th, Jan
Birthday of Dipamkara Buddha
09th, Jan.
Birthday of Sakradevanam-Indra
08th, Feb.
Renunciation Day of Sakyamuni Buddha
15th, Feb.
Nirvana Day of Sakyamuni Buddha
19th, Feb.
Birthday of Avalokiteśvara Bodhisattva
21st, Feb.
Birthday of Samantabhadra Bodhisattva
16th, Mar.
Birthday of Cundi Bodhisattva
4th, Apr.
Birthday of Manjusri Bodhisattva
8th, Apr.
Birthday of Sakyamuni Buddha
15th, Apr.
Vesak Day or Buddha's Birthday Celebration
28th, Apr.
Birthday of Bhaisajya-raja Bodhisattva
13th, May
Birthday of Sangharama Bodhisattva
3rd, Jun.
Birthday of Veda Bodhisattva
19th, Jun.
Enlightenment Day of Avalokiteśvara Bodhisattva
13th, Jul.
Birthday of Mahasthamaprapta Bodhisattva
15th, Jul.
Ullambana Festiva, also called Buddha’s Happy Day
21st, Jul.
Birthday of Pu An Master
24th, Jul.
Birthday of Nagarjuna Bodhisattva
30th, Jul.
Birthday of Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva
Birthday of Dipamkara Ancient Buddha
19th, Sep.
Renunciation Day of Avalokiteśvara Bodhisattva
30th, Sep.
Birthday of Bhaisajaguru Buddha
5th, Oct.
Birthday of Bodhidharma
17th, Nov.
Birthday of Amitabha Buddha
8th, Dec.
Enlightenment Day of Sakyamuni Buddha
29th, Dec.
Birthday of Avatamsaka Bodhisattva

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