An Explanation of Four Methods in Gu Lao Wing Chun Quan:

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An Explanation of Four Methods in Gu Lao Wing Chun Quan:
Da Nian Tou (big idea): This kind of Kung-fu is mainly applied to your attack or defense onto the middle part and the upper of your opponent's body. You can send out your forces with your hitting in clapping your hands inside or outside. You can also clap your hands at first layer. Nei, the second or the third. Your forearms will be the first layer, while the elbows and the arms, the second and the third respectively. The requirement is the same as stated above when you are practicing Tan Shou (spreading hands).
     You should strike your opponent onto the center of his eyebrows as well as his nose and eyes by applying the principle in attacking midline of your own Zheng Zhang (central vertical palm).
Xiao Nian Tou (small idea): Practicing your attack or defense with your marked fists onto the middle part and the lower of your opponent's body, you can hit him on his oxter, belly and rids by making use of the middle stance of your body.
Bang Shou (binding your hands): When you are guarding against the attacks sent by your opponent onto the middle part and the lower of your body, you can send out your forces sideward, forward, upwards, backward or downward at some varions angles. You can force your opponent's gravity center sidelong, and change your outer hand into an inner in either a little or more. You can press your opponent's elbows and armpit by applying an action in moving along a small arc, stirring up his Qiao Gan (bridge pole), mainly attacking his throat and chin in shoveling his neck.
     Chou Di Chui (striking your opponent under your sleeve): You should mainly attack the center of your opponent's chest where his heart is located around. The sleeves of the ancient dress in China had been relatively large, so it's hard for your opponent to judge the strike you are sending under your sleeve hiding your hands or fists in mystery.
     Lan Qiao (barring bridg): You should block the attack made by your opponent from the middle way and the upper, in closing and pressing his Qiao Shou (dridge hand).You can either attack his neck, nose or chest bu using the hand method in both attacking and defendingl.
Note: You can lessen the area being attacked, counteract your opponent’s strength, strengthen your striking power and get advantaged position by Zhuan Ma (changing your horse-riding stance), Zhuˍan Yao (turning your waist), or Chu Jian (making your shoulders outward)


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