Liu Yi in Xin Yi Quan(II)

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Liu Yi in Xin Yi Quan(II)
Dragon' s waist
    Dragon has got the huge power in turning his body and the excellent technique of crimpling his bones.
    Xin Yi Quan adopts the dragon's vigor and technique of turning body with all its movements dominated by its waist. The human body could be parted as three sections, the head (upper part), the waist (middle part) and the feet (lower part). The motion of the waist should be the guide of your whole body no matter in self-practicing or fighting with others. A saying in Quan scripture reads "a single branch moving can make about hundreds of branches' swinging", illustrating that the moving of your waist drives the action of the whole body. In actual fighting, once you and your rival are in deadlock, you may have already been close to him before he could sense your moving. Here is the application of your waist action. For example, in Xiong Xing Dan Ba (bear-like single holding movement) of Xin Yi Quan, your strength seems to be produced from your upper part, but actually it is assembled and sent out from your waist. When you move upward, you have to shrink your waist and sink it down, round your chest, pull your back upward and droop your elbows down. It would burst out powerful strength as a strong spring compressed down and then being explosively rebounding.

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