Xin Yi Si Ba Chui

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Xin Yi Si Ba Chui
    Ancestor Mai Zhuangtu told his disciples that there were various movements in Si Ba Chui, you should always keep the pure balance of your own Qi (inner breathing and vital energy) in your minding. He imparted his great Quan techniques and skills to different disciples by different flexible means. When he taught Kung-fu in Zhoukou (a city in Henan Province), two of his disciples, Yuan Fengyi and Yuan Changqing, were both good in practicing Wai Lu Quan (the Quan emphasized outer fighting skills). Since they didn't know they could also attacks others by driving their Yi (intending and minding), Master Mai made an instructional plan for them letting them easily grasping the essence of Xin Yi Quan and greatly enhancing their techniques by generating their minding and intending power. When he taught Zhao Wude the Quan, he emphasized Zhao's shouting with each movement since Zhao never practiced Kung-fu before and began to learn Kung-fu at an old age. By shouting out with every movement, it was much easier for Zhao to learn from slow movement to the quick and from the soft to the strong. For another disciple, Ma Linxiao, he was quite healthy and strong then, so Master Mai taught him in a traditional way with hardness and softness associated.
    The practicing sets of Si Ba Chui inherited from my family are described as follows:
    I. Heng Quan (a kind of Kung-fu mainly moving sidelong)
     Shrink your body, limbs and buns. Hold your right fist in front of the right part of your waist. Put your left hand with the fingers spread apart upon your left knee. Step forward with your left foot and your right foot follow. Step forward again and punch out with your fist and palm.
    II. Tiao Lin (hold & lift your rival's Chin upward with your hand)
     Following the above movement, uplift your right foot and then lower it down on the ground.
Shrink your body, limbs and buns. Step forward with your right foot and uplift your right palm. Your body, hands and legs should be moved at the same time and the action must be executed fiercely.
    III. Ying Zhuo (an eagle is capturing a catch)
     Following the above movement, raise your left palm, being a little bit higher than the right one, just like an eagle is capturing its prey. Step forward with your left foot and move your hands in front of your crotch like catching something.
    IV. Zhan Shou(chop your rival’s hand)
    Following the movement mentioned above, make half a step forward with your left foot. Move your hands forward and downward. Step on with your right foot and change your right palm into a fist, protect it with your left palm and smash them down.
    The strength of the four movements mentioned above should be sent out from your Dan Tian(an acupoint in the abdomen). Your body, hands and legs should be moved as a whole harmoniously.


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