Chinese Kungfu Functions

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Chinese Kungfu Functions
       Wushu boasts versatile functions. of which the most outstanding are
(1) Moral Cultivation
As a human practice which stresses cultivation of moral characters and demon-stration of spirit and temperament. Wushu is conducive to developing good manners and con-duct. It also helps adjust oneˋs psychology. The moral characters and etiquette are held in esteem by all schools of Wushu masters.

(2) offence and Defence
Wushu practitioners can master various offence and defence techniques of armed and unarmed combat for self defence through a great number of training exercises. Many of the Wushu techniques can also be utilized in military and police training programs.

(3) Curative Effect
Tai Chi Quan. one of the traditional schools of Chinese shadow Chuan. and the various still standing exercises emphasize the adjustment of oneˋs breathing. thinking and psychology. These exercises have been proven to have good curative and re-habilitative effects on sufferers of chronic diseases of many kinds. As these exercises help strengthen the coordination of the human body and its immunity. they are ideal for preventing and curing diseases.

(4) Health Improvement
The practice of the basic exercises and routines of Wushu are effective methods for improving the pliability of the joints and the suppleness of the back and legs. The generation of energy. the jumping and leaping and the changes from one stance to another. all help enhance human strength and speed of movement. Wushu. therefore. can be taken as the basic exercise for other sporting activities.

(5) Artistic Effect
The graceful movement of the body. especially the typical oriental charm revealed during exercises and practice of Wushu. has an impressive artistic effect and provides visual delight. People can benefit mentally as well as physically from the display of the Wushu offence and defence skills and the exertion of forces through the display (Figs. below).
A graceful Wushu stance A broadsword practising stance

(6) Intelligence
While stressing the development of physical prowess. Wushu also emphasizes the ex-ercise of thinking. By adjusting various human functions. Wushu also helps im-prove the nervous system and is therefore good for intellectual development.


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