Gu La¡ˉs Wing Chun Quan in Heshan

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Gu La’s Wing Chun Quan in Heshan
    Gu Lao (a name of a place) Wing Chun Quan methods in practicing the Quan handed down and taught by Master Liang Zan in his hometown Gu Lao village in Heshan when he returned from Foshan in his later years. Its content and concerned theories are quite different from what he had usually imparted his diseiples in Foshan so forming a unique system of his own. Here we introduce Gu Lao style showed by Mr. Feng Zhen, one of the disciples of Master Liang Za's prentice. Gu Lao Wing Chun Quan imparted by Feng Zhen mainly contains twelve sets while each consists of several movements. According to Feng, the Quan stresses on the training of one's mind in attacking, defending and avoiding his opponent attacking. It also emphasizes the training of strength in Kung-fu. In this issue we would introduce Gu Lao Wing Chun Quan demonstrated by Hou Dexia, showing the basic practicing process in first two sets of the total. Our Magazine will continuously publish related contents about it.

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