A Narration for Shaolin Temple

Dear visitors friends, we are going to visit the place is home to the Chinese zen Buddhism-the shaolin temple. The shaolin temple was built in the northern wei dynasty tai 19 years (AD 495) by XiaoWenDi yuan macro for India was tuo and monk settle as the monarch and create, because its less room is located in the thick forest, the name "shaolin temple". The northern wei dynasty XiaoChang three years (527 AD) of sakyamuni Buddha ACTS bodhi dharma and 28 for three years to the shaolin temple, the first zen, the implications are enormous. Therefore, the shaolin temple is the world buddhist collectively referred to as "zen dynasty", and on the basis of rapid development, especially in the early tang dynasty 13 stick JiuJia monk tang dynasty after li shi-mm got great attention, from "the first one province" reputation.

Now not only the shaolin temple for its ancient buddhist culture god mithra kn, more for its excellent shaolin kung fu and known at home and abroad, so today I will take you to experience the this makes us yearning already a long time of shaolin, believe you will regret it. Well, friends now we arrived at the shaolin temple, one of the three big Buddha hall TianWangDian, TianWangDian original building in 1928 by warlords ShiYou three burned. This is in 1982 and rebuilt, outside the house of the two big king kong, biography is "hum", "ha" will be two, duty is to protect Buddhism. Inside the hall plastic is four major Kings, and say four big king kong, their duty is to inspect all behavior of good and evil, and do good earth christen hong DE. People according to the combination of four major Kings characteristics, meaning "the good".

Then you see is halls, halls of the temple is the center building, is on the activities of the buddhist monks in important places, this temple and the TianWangDian as in 1928 by the ShiYou three burned. This is 1985 years of reconstruction. This house is the surface broadly between the five major jehiel mountain type building. House of worship center for earthly Buddha shakyamuni Buddha-left for the past Buddha-east of medicine guru Buddha world net coloured glaze, right for the future Buddha- - -the west of elysium amida Buddha, where those things hanging plastic is gable, 18 arhats screen wall wall hanging plastic is the name. The shaolin temple halls and other temples of the halls of difference in here buddhas of the three periods around each have stood like dharma plastic called the shaolin temple and was the founder of the tight that filed the king. In addition, in the midst of the house there are two large

under column and kylin statues and indicated the zen Buddhism is completely localization of Chinese Buddhism.

Below is the shaolin temple?-the third hall sutra depository leisurely, another name FaTang, built in the Ming dynasty, destroyed in 1928, and rebuilt in 1994, it is the place that the scripture-stored temple monks, said to the collection is yi jin jing, diamond sutra, such as establishment such as palm the mystery of secret powers permission to land. Before the sutra depository leisurely inscriptions many, this also is the shaolin temple "thousands" (tablet more, tower, mural) one of the characteristics. The shaolin temple in the sutra depository leisurely for a Burma countries disciple in 1996 with yi's white marble sleeping Buddha like a statue. The sutra depository leisurely channel east side, have a big iron wok, weight 1300 jins, is the wanli four years (1576 AD) cast, it is said that is the peak temple with cooking. Enough to imagine, Ming ding period, many of the temple monks and stick exuberant.

Good friends, want to continue to understand the culture of shaolin temple and charm you, come with me.

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