A Story about Pak Mei Pai

A Story about Pak Mei Pai
    It has been a number of years since my father, Zhang Liquan, started teaching Pak Mei Quan in Hong Kong. During that period, a series of Quan Fa (boxing methods) and Quan Tao (a collection of boxing) was taught, including "Zhi Bu Biao Zhi (stepping straight forward in attacking with one's fingers)", "Jiu Bu Tui (nine steps in pushing)", "Di Sha (the ultimate strength on earth)", "Shi Ba Mo Qiao (eighteen bridges in stroking)", "Meng Hu Chu Lin (the emergence of tiger from forest)". Besides those, weapons arts, such as "Da Zhen Gun (a cluster of sticks)", "Liu Ye Shuang Dao (double lances)", "Qing Long Yan Yue Dao (green dragon lunar falchion)", "San Sha Da Pa (three big prongs)", were also passed down.
    The Quan Sbu (art) of Pak Mei Quan has its own experiences and requirements in terms of one's body, hands, waist and the burst of forces with his hands. The attacking techniques as well as the defending are included in different Tao Lu (methods of boxing).
      In my opinion, the Quan Jie (the Kung-fu circle) would have recognized more or less the value of our school of boxing. The later disciples of our school should be more obliged to pay much attention to the essence of Kung-fu instead of purely focusing on the superficial quantity to measure whether a kind of Kung-fu is good or not. I hope all our disciples will strive together to develop Pak Mei Quan as well.

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