A Scholarly Master

A Scholarly Master
    Master Hong Junsheng was well-known due to his wonderful Kung-fu. He was respectfully called "a great star of Tai Ji Quan" in Japanese Tai Ji circle. However, his wide range of knowledge and literary talent was little known by others. Hereinafter I will edit some of his classical words to let more readers have a better understanding of Master Hong and his Tai J i Quan.
    "San Zi Jing" (each sentence including three words discussing the essence of Tai Ji Quan) was collected by Master Hong in his own practicing and understanding of Tai Ji Quan. It explains/he main concept of Tai Ji Quan, such as the technique of Tui Shou (pushing hands), Chan Si Jing (the strength twisting in a round), the complicated changes of the hands, eyes, body and stances, the principle of Gang (hardness) and Rou (softness) and so on.
     Some of the "San Zi Jing" contents are as follows:
     Chen Style Tai Ji Quan has very comprehensive and profound theory.
     The principle of Yin and Yang goes through in transferring each other and Chan Si Jing is most fundamental in playing Tai Ji Quan.
     You have to be very light, agile and relaxed in practicing the Quan all in a round with all the movements.
     Applying Luo Xuan Jing (strength twisting in a round), you should keep Yuan (circumvolving in circles) and Song (being relaxed) forever according to your actual situation.
     Practicing Tai Ji Quan could make you healthier and keep you far away from many diseases.
     To achieve high level of Tai Ji Quan, you have to practice it hard.
      Master Hong also had his own understanding of the "Quan's characters" giving great guidance to the Tai Ji practitioners. Practicing Tai Ji Quan, you should try to achieve the following Kung-fu level as well:
     1. Holding upright. When you are practicing the Quan, you should have your body being upright, coordinate your movements still either strongly or softly and, twist your body.
     2. To be round and harmonious. The most fundamental concept of Tai Ji is keeping round and twisting all the time. Though there are thousands of changes with your movements, you could just keep your mind to face all of them in twisting and screwing.
     3. To be agile and light. When you could circumvolve around like a wheel rolling in practicing Tai Ji Quan, you will achieve being agile and light, just like the flying swallows or swimming dragons.
     4. To be steady. While you are keeping agile, you should at the same time be steady, so as to hold the center of your gravity and make your whole body firmly.
     5. To be vigorous and firm. When you are vigorous and firm, you will just be like the fierce tiger or strong eagle, and to make your opponent scared.
     6. To be graceful. You will be as free and natural as flowing water, floating cloud, swimming fish and swinging willow in the mild wind.
     7. To be deliberate and careful. You should practice Tai Ji according to its principle with proper strength. At the same time, you should be very acute and alert in your mind.
     8. To be continuous. The movements you played should be as continuous as flowing water, as twisting as a silkworm giving out its silk.
     9. To get the spirit of the Quan. When you practice Tai Ji to a higher level, you will get the essence and spirit of it.
     10. To compose many changes in one movement. You hold your vigor and changes in your movements. Those vigor and changes would suddenly come out when you are fighting
11. To be elegant. Practicing the Quan with graceful and poised manner, you will feel yourself in the great nature, having the sense of the sun, sea, sky, mountain, water and such beautiful things.
     12. To have profound concept. The Quan certainly have got long lasting charming, attracting people to keep on studying it with great interest, just like enjoying wonderful scenery.
13. To be natural. Practice Quan with natural mind and comply yourself to nature rule. You have to work very hard in making your Quan very natural and, to achieve a higher level.
     There have been many articles discussing Tai Ji Quan since ancient time. However, in my opinion, not many of them achieve the level same as Master Hong's. If you study Hong's writing carefully, you must be benefited a lot from it. As time goes by and people have gotten more and more increasing understanding in practicing Tai Ji Quan, I believe that Master Hong's Kung-fu and works will be known by more and more people. I have made a lot of effort introducing Master Hong's Tai Ji Quan to more people and to develop Tai Ji better. I will do it in my future career a well.

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