Over 54B annual urban transport trips made in China

A passenger takes photos of the rail transit system map on a train of Line 11 of the Suzhou metro on June 24,

2023. [Photo/Xinhua]

A total of 54.7 billion passenger trips are made on China's urban public transport networks annually, data from the Ministry of Transport shows.

Some 703,000 buses and trams operate in China's urban areas, with more than 540,000 of that number powered by new energy. Urban rail transit services are available in 54 Chinese cities, with a total operating distance of over 9,700 kilometers, according to the ministry.

There are 15 million bicycles in China that can be rented online, and an approximate average of 30 million trips are made on these shared bicycles each day.

China has made remarkable progress in developing its urban public transport system and promoting green travel, according to Vice Minister of Transport Li Yang.

Localities should strengthen policy support to prioritize the development of urban public transport, fine-tune green urban travel services systems, and continuously improve senior-friendly and barrier-free travel services, Li said.