2023 China Basketball Hall of Fame inductees unveiled

Chinese Basketball Association president Yao Ming announced the inductee list of the 2023 China Basketball Hall of Fame (HOF) on Thursday.

The inductees include China's

first national basketball team captain Huang Boling, the top scorer of the 1978 FIBA World Championship Zhang Weiping, and three-time Asian Championships guard Kuang Lubin as outstanding male athletes.

The 1959-1972 China's women's basketball team captain Li Shihua, and 1992 Olympic Games silver medalists Liu Qing and Li Xin were inducted as outstanding female athletes.

Liu Guiyi, who first called on fast-paced basketball in China, and Chen Daohong, who led the Chinese women's basketball team to secure silver in the 1994 World Championship, were inducted as outstanding coaches.

The "Battle Basketball Team" of the 120th Division of the Eighth Route Army and the Chinese women's basketball team at the 1992 Barcelona Olympics were inducted as "Special Tribute Collective" and "Outstanding Collective," respectively.

Gong Peishan, widely regarded as the founder of the Chinese University Basketball Association (CUBA), was inducted as a "Special Contributor."

HOF expert Jiang Jian provided insights into the recommendation process this year, including the recommendation sequence, the number of inductees, and rule changes.

"After the first recommendation event [2022 edition HOF], we found that under the original recommendation mechanism, basketball figures from earlier times were less likely to be recommended because contemporary people did not know them well. To respect history and consider the current situation, this year's event adopted the measure of recommending athletes over different periods," Jiang said.

Li Yuanwei, the chief expert of the Hall of Fame Committee, said: "The more difficult the situation for Chinese basketball, the more it needs to find its own spirit and soul. The team should not just avoid losing games but also avoid losing spirit. History is the foundation of the Hall of Fame, and we should respect and review history, draw spirit and strength from history, and inspire generations of Chinese basketball players."

The 2023 China Basketball Hall of Fame induction ceremony is scheduled to be held in late January 2024.