Shi Deqian

    Shi Deqian was born in Henan province China, in the shadow of the now-famous Temple. His birth name was Wang Changqing, and he was also nicknamed Evergreen. Shi Deqian is the 31st generation heir of the master of the Song San Mountain Shaolin Temple.
    As a child, Shi Deqian became a disciple of the Shaolin, where he studied Gong fu from Master Sun Shushan.  In addition to mastering the Shaolin martial arts, Shi Deqian learned the art of acupuncture, Chi Kung bone treatment, and he also excels in Lo han Chuan 18-eighteen style, Hei hu Chuan, Yi yin Ching, and he is also an accredited Chinese herbalist.
    In 1992 Shi Deqian finished the work entitled "Shaolin Martial Arts Encyclopedia" (also referred to as the Shaolin Kungfu Encyclopedia).
    Shi Deqian was admitted to the Shaolin Temple at age 15, and stayed there as a Shaolin protection monk for 31 years, until 1992. Since then, he has lived outside of the temple as a Shaolin layman monk. Shaolin layman monks compare with the monks who still live in the temple.  The only differences are they can eat meat or drink beer and consume other foods and beverages.  Everything else about them is the same.
    Shi Deqian has the very highest skills in the Shaolin temple and still writes many of the Shaolin kung fu books, and with the help of his shifu, Shi Suxi, has written about and published the secrets of the Shaolin system for posterity.
    Master Shi Deqian compiled and published 68 books on Shaolin martial arts. The books, having 14000000 characters in all, were distributed all over the world and won acclaim form the Shaolin martial arts fancier in every country in the world. He was honored as “King of Shaolin Book”.





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